This. Is why you buy an eFoil

This. Is why you buy an eFoil

April 26, 2019

Why do you buy a LIFT eFoil?  

You buy a LIFT eFoil to do crazy stuff with your friends and go on adventures into the back country.  That’s just what we did on this day with our good friend and client, Carl. This is the story. 

Riding efoil down bayou

First, if you don’t know what an eFoil is, check out this VIDEO.  It’s hard to put into words how cool it is to ride.

The St. Lucie River is the main tributary that allows Lake Okeechobee in Florida to drain into the ocean to the East flowing through Stuart, and out of the St. Lucie Inlet.  West of Stuart, the St. Lucie splits into a South Fork and a North Fork. We have explored the South Fork previously, on this day we decided to go north.


This Back Country Guide mission started during Taco Tuesdays at the Sneaki Tiki (Highly recommended local watering hole) sitting with Carl over a few margaritas looking at Google Earth (This spot marks where we started, if you zoom out, you will see the scope of what we covered).  The North Fork forms miles of winding, narrow paths through mangrove fields and neighborhoods. Carl wanted to go exploring so we decided to see how far up the river North we could make it.

The ride North started as a huge river, light brown water, houses lining both sides.  As we made it further and further into the river the banks got narrower and the houses got further and further apart.  Before we knew it we were dodging low hanging tree branches and fallen tree trunks in the water winding through what felt like The Bayou praying we didn’t see any alligators.  We stopped when the boat lurched to a sudden stop as the engine grounded out. We had arrived firmly (literally) in “The Back Country”. Go time.

It was pretty cool watching two eFoils flying along through this silent tributary, swishing past trees, carving past sunken logs, birds flying by, with both riders laughing and chatting with each other along the way.  At the end of the day we covered over 10 miles and made it back to open waters having logged an epic adventure. Another Back Country Guide success!

efoil lessons and tours in florida

So why do you buy an eFoil?  You buy an eFoil to go exploring with friends in possibly the coolest manner possible.  That is what we love to do!

Check out the video of the adventure below!


We are a LIFT vendor and sell the LIFT EFoil. If you wish to try out an eFoil prior to purchasing or refine your skillset on your EFoil – Come talk to us or learn more by clicking here!


Many ask, what is Back Country Guide?  Back Country Guide is a service we provide for our clients who wish to explore with an NLW coach they trust, enjoy being around, and know will keep them safe.  From helping you plan a full on family vacation in the Caribbean to riding along as support to test out a new spot like we did with Carl. Back Country Guide is about delivering unforgettable experiences for our clients anywhere around the world, on their terms.  From “crazy idea” through flawless execution, let us take you on an epic adventure.

 By: Jon Beery

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