Supporting the NLW Community


Next Level Watersports believes in supporting and giving back to the community as much as possible. Jon and Jake are two entrepreneurs who came to Nantucket four years ago during a nor’easter snowstorm with a vision of becoming the island's premier watersports provider. They have worked extremely hard over the years laying the foundation that has led to one 13ft whaler growing into a fleet of 6 boats and 7 coaches. From the start, they also knew that building the business above board and attaining the proper licenses and approvals form town officials was key to long term success. They tell the story of building a business from the ground up, overcoming many obstacles, sleeping on the floor of a shed, maintaining determination during the ups and downs, and growing a business and which is one of their biggest passions in life. Next Level watersports believes in breaking down the barriers to entry and allowing for easier access to these amazing sports to the locals that are present in their backyard that most don’t partake in.  We provide an outlet, a fun challenge to try new things, learn something new, get outside in the environment and enjoy the outdoor beauty in a safe and sustainable manner. Next level is proud to support the local communities in which it operates and believes strongly in giving back as much as possible. 

Local Jobs / Environment

Next Level Watersports believes in hiring local talent youth on the island and offers internships and mentorships. We are also a strong advocate for the environment, working closely with the local authorities and regulators to assure both kiteboarders and beach goers can enjoy the beautiful beaches in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


Next Level Watersports has developed partnerships with many local businesses, clubs and camps. We have donated lessons to charities and have run first track kite events with organizations in local communities supporting the youth. Below is a list of foundations and causes that we have donated lessons to and events that we have run for organizations and establishments!