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Nantucket Kiteboarding Lessons


Nantucket is a dream location for running a watersports business. As an island 30 miles out to sea Nantucket gets consistent thermal winds and is literally surrounded by beaches and dotted with small lagoons that make for world-class kiteboarding and wakeboarding conditions. Beyond just riding, there is nightlife, a rich history, and delicious restaurants that make the location fun for the whole family and the perfect kiteboarding destination.

Where We Teach

We conduct our lessons in the flat waters off Coatue on the Eastern end of Nantucket Harbor. Our preferred pickup/dropoff point is Pocomo Point – There is public parking at Pocomo and it is easy to access. When you sign up for a lesson we will send you all required details, provide all required equipment, and will be waiting in our boat at Pocomo ready to go. Simply show up, hop in, and have an amazing time.