Kiteboarding Lesson Levels

Lesson Levels


Day 1 - Green Level courses are tailored for people who have no experience on a kite or kiteboard. We start by reviewing safety fundamentals, how to rig, and wind dynamics then allow you to fly a kite and develop your kite control. Our goal on day 1 is to end the lesson by giving you your first attempts at riding a board. This course is designed to make it easy and provide students the basics needed to get started.


Day 3 - Black Level courses are for students who can ride consistently in both directions, have good kite & board control, and are becoming self-sufficient. Students will learn the advanced skills they need to go out solo, hold upwind confidently, complete transitions, and start getting air.



Day 2 - Blue Level courses are for people who have flown a kite, have kite control, and are ready to get up riding consistently. We start by revisiting and refining your kite control and then teach you how to get up efficiently to ride in both directions, how to hold an edge consistently, and begin working on transitions and other advanced maneuvers.

Double Black

Day 4 & Beyond - Double Black courses are for self-sufficient kiteboarders looking to take their existing skill set to the next level. Our talented instructors can teach you to ride a surfboard strapless in waves, jump big (really big), unhook, or land the tricks you’ve dreamed of trying.  The joy of kiting is that there is always something new to learn!