Efoil Info

The Electric Hydrofoil

Since the inception of Next Level Watersports, co-founders Jake and Jon have been addicted to the hydrofoil. Over the last few years, design and technology in this sector has drastically expanded. The pros at NLW have trialed and tested almost every foil on the market both with a kite and behind a boat. During all of this product testing, they have developed an unrivaled method to teach people to fly. 


When Jake and Jon heard word of the development of an electric powered hydrofoil 2 years ago, they knew it was breakthrough tech and couldn’t wait a second longer to try one.


In 2017, while living in Puerto Rico for the winter, Jake had the opportunity to meet up with Nick Leason, founder of Lift Foils to test his latest creation - The world’s first wirelessly controlled electric hydrofoil. Below is a video of Jake’s first ride on the pre-production prototype efoil that went viral.


Fast forward 2 years - Next Level Watersports became the first outfit in the USA to receive a production eFoil and is the only location to offer test rides, instruction & tours in the New England Region.

The efoil is hands down the easiest way to break into the sport of hydrofoiling. Our team has successfully taught a wide range of clients ranging from 13 to 70 years old; both male and female, to attain flight. We encourage you to take the leap while you are on Nantucket Island! Our team cannot wait to share the amazing feeling of flight with you!