Watermens Camp

Next Level Watersports

NLW Watermens Camp lets your kids learn some of the coolest sports in the world in a controlled, safe, and fun setting from professional coaches.

Watermens Camp is focused on teaching participants to kiteboard.  If there is no wind, we teach the kids how to wakeboard, wake-surf, hydrofoil, or ride our eFoil.  Wind or no wind your kids will come back grinning having learned something challenging and new.

How It Works:

Each camp session lasts four days, Monday through Thursday from 10AM – 1PM each day.  Kids are paired with an instructor throughout the week with a maximum two student to one instructor ratio.  We meet as a group at the start of each session and set the game plan for the day.  If there is wind, we pump up kites and teach everyone to kiteboard.  If there is no wind, we go wakeboarding, tubing, wake-surfing, hydrofoiling, and eFoiling as a group. 

We provide individualized instruction for each camper with the ability to teach brand new beginners through advanced kiters/wakeboarders looking to progress. 

Our goal is to give your kids newfound confidence and skills on the water they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

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