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April 14, 2018


The wind was blowing from the Southwest, the sun was out, and we could not have asked for a better day!  On May 16, Next Level Watersports was proud to host a group of sixteen 7th grade students from the Nantucket New School to let them try their hand at kiteboarding.  These kids have grown up on Nantucket and many have seen kiting from afar so it was an awesome opportunity to let them see what the sport we love is about first hand.We started the event by giving an introduction to the basic concepts behind how a kite works – Explaining how to identify what the wind is doing, how a kite flies, and how a kite generates power.  We reviewed important safety concepts and, after much anticipation, broke out into two groups to begin flying a trainer kite.  That is where the fun began!

One of the most remarkable parts of teaching younger students is how quickly they learn.  In rapid succession each student figured out how to steer the trainer kite and become competent at controlling the kite independently.  After developing comfort and familiarity with the kite, each student had the opportunity to start generating some power, doing tricks with the kite, and even trying to use the kite to jump into the air.  It was incredible to watch everyone learn and even better to see the smiles as they figure it out!

A big thank you to Claire and TJ at the Nantucket New School for helping us put this event together.  It is always a privilege to teach the next generation of kiters and we hope to see these kids out on the water again soon! Also, thanks to Jennifer Gros for the help and pictures.

NLW Pro Tip:
Many parents ask what age is appropriate for someone to start learning kiting.  The answer is tricky in that there isn’t a minimum age so much as a minimum weight – 70 lbs.

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