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April 14, 2018


* This article dates back to May 4th, 2017 *

We call it a “Surgical Strike Mission”, our clients called it a “Smash & Grab”. Whatever you want to call it, Next Level Watersports’ first ever Surgical Strike Club Mission was a smashing success.


The forecast started coming together at the end of last week. As always, we were monitoring the weather when we started seeing purple in the forecast. Purple means heavy winds above 30 knots. While many lament the heavy winds as an inconvenience, any kiter knows that this just means game on. And game on it was!


We sent out an email late Friday to the members of our Surgical Strike Club list explaining the weather conditions – It was forecasted to blow Southwest all day from Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening never dropping below 20 knots. Even better there were waves forecasted on the ocean side making the conditions ripe for kitesurfing on long downwinders. Put simply – these are the quintessential best kiteboarding conditions on Nantucket you dream of and generally only locals have the privilege of experiencing.


We got one bite from a client in New York City and one from a client locally. By Saturday afternoon, after the Daffodil Weekend festivities had wrapped up and the forecast held strong, flights and accommodations were booked and the plan came together. They went to work Monday morning and then our NYC client hopped on his flight direct to Nantucket from JFK. No lugging gear, no long drive, and no wait. Within two hours of leaving the office, both were on Nantucket ready to kiteboard.


Monday we rode the harbor and the wind was beautiful. Consistent, clean breeze flowing over 4th point pumped all afternoon into the evening. Our clients got down new tricks, shook off rust from a winter off from kiteboarding, and came back grinning ear to ear. Really all we can ask for. Tuesday was one for the books. We rode the harbor in the morning on 7 meter kites with sustained 30 knots, gusts to 40 knots. Our clients learned how to get more (and more) air, ride toeside, nail new transitions, and dial in their back rolls. After the morning session, we took a break for lunch and rode out to Madaket for session number two. Envision a butter flat slick that is knee to waist deep tucked in behind a low sand dune and over a mile long. Without a doubt one of the top ten flat water spots in the world that you must witness in person.

All in all our clients got in 10 hours of riding in just a day in a half in dream conditions. They came, they smashed, they grabbed, and our NYC client made it home for dinner with his family Tuesday evening.

Ladies and gentlemen THIS is the Nantucket Surgical Strike Club by Next Level Watersports.


Next Level Watersports invented the Nantucket Surgical Strike Club in 2017 after realizing the amazing kiteboarding conditions and ease of access to get to Nantucket.  The purpose of the Club is to create the kiteboarding equivalent of a “powder day” with none of the hassle of making it happen.  We monitor the weather to let you know when the conditions are going to be best, we describe the missions & conditions for the day and ensure the plan matches your abilities, and then we provide the best equipment and the best instructors to coach you and take you on the adventure of a lifetime.  All you have to do is figure out how to get out of work, get here (flights are very reasonable), and find a place to stay.  While we can’t write you a note to skip work, we can help you with the rest!

If you want to sign up for our Surgical Strike Club mailing list or have any questions please email us at desk@nlwatersports.com.  You will not regret it.
We look forward to seeing you on the water!

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