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April 14, 2018




Accessible by boat or by kiting over from Pocomo Point, Bass Point is one of the best flatwater spots to kiteboard on Nantucket. Best in a Southwest Breeze a massive flat water slick forms allowing for big jumps and unhooked riding on the leeward side of the Point. The spot is off the fifth finger sticking out from Coatue and is directly across from Pocomo Point. If you launch at Pocomo, it is a short hop over to Bass Point after launching.

This is a spot that is extremely popular during the heat of the season for boaters and kiters alike. If arriving by boat, be sure to anchor well north of the end of the point to prevent your boat from being in the riding area near the tip of the point. Also, be wary of what the tide is doing and adjust your anchor line accordingly – no one likes having a beached boat after an amazing session.

As you ride at Bass Point, please be wary of the rules of the road. Stay clear of other beach goers. Pick up anything you brought with you (or even better, pick up something extra) and respect the privilege to ride there. Lastly, be aware of the riding protocol – people ride in laps with the right of way generally going to a rider’s left closest to shore. When you jump and ride be wary of getting in other people’s way.


Best Months: May, June, July, August, September, October
Best Direction: SW, W
Main Direction: SW
Other Rideable Directions: NW, N, NE, E, SE, S


Type of riding: Twintip, Surfboard, Hydrofoil
Type of Launch: The size of the launch depends on the tide. At low tide there is a large beach to rig on. At high tide there is less space.
Hazards: Shells, boats, bystanders
Type of water: Flat water slick, Chop


The only way to access this spot is by boat or kiting across the Harbour from Pocomo. If you kite across, keep an eye on the weather and wind so that you can make it back across at the end of your session or else you will get stranded and have a very long walk/swim.


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